Adam Cohen is CEO of innoNovo. He is a highly-experienced 3D printing and robotics inventor/entrepreneur/executive with over 70 issued U.S. patents related to 3D printing, robotics, medical devices, and MEMS, with others pending. Adam is a pioneer of the 3D printing industry, having led the development of the 1st commercial machine, co-founded the 1st company to commercialize MIT’s binder jetting 3D printing process, and invented and developed the 1st and only mass production-capable 3D printing process.He  founded and served as CEO and CTO/EVP of Microfabrica, which brought to market a unique 3D printing process he invented to produce complex microscale metal products such as semiconductor testing probes and medical instruments. Recently, Adam has served as a professor of mechanical engineering at SMU and Director of the Laboratory for Additive Manufacturing, Robotics, and Automation, pursuing a number of funded research projects including growth-based and soft robotics, and 3D printing of robotic components. Adam is a graduate of MIT where he majored in physics.

Career highlights

  • Founded Microfabrica Inc. to market a revolutionary technology for high-volume 3D printing of micro- and millimeter-scale devices; as the company’s CEO, raised $17M in equity funding from top-tier VCs
  • Led Microfabrica’s entry into the medical device business, landing major customers and a $5M NIH grant to develop robotic devices for minimally-invasive cardiac surgery
  • Pioneer of the 3D printing industry, brought to market three different technologies
  • Led the team that developed the SLA-250, the 1st workhorse of the 3D printing industry, generating >$100M in revenue
  • At Microfabrica and USC, landed $10M in contracts and grants from NIH, DARPA, and NSF
  • Inventor on over 70 issued U.S. patents
  • Co-founded, and served as Vice President of AMEX-traded Soligen Technologies, ranked as one of LA’s 50 fastest-growing tech companies. Shipped complex capital equipment for 3D printing in just 7 months
  • Founded a 3D printing consulting/publishing firm, publishing the first industry periodical and directory
  • Pioneered one of the earliest Web based e-commerce systems


  • Founder and CEO, innoNovo LLC
  • Principal  Consultant, Additive Insight LLC
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and LAMRA Director, SMU
  • CTO and Executive Vice President, Technology, Microfabrica
  • Founder, CEO, and President, Microfabrica
  • Project Leader, USC Information Sciences Institute
  • Co-Founder, Vice President R&D, Soligen
  • Founder and President, F Cubed
  • Product Line Manager/Program Manager, 3D Systems
  • Engineer-Mechanical Products Engineering, Dataproducts



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